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Xavier Aptitude Test – The XAT Test

Xavier Aptitude Test is one of the toughest MBA Exams in India. The level sometimes goes even beyond CAT, and but for the competition, it would very well would give CAT a run for its money in terms of toughness. However, things have changed since last year, where XAT turned out be much easier than before. Students found the paper more doable, and were able to attempt a healthy number of questions as compared to previous years.

Let us take a look at each of the sections that show up in XAT

1. Quantitative Aptitude of XAT

This section used to get higher mathematics problems before last year but this seems to have trimmed down a bit now. The questions in this section are at par with CAT and doing a good preparation for the CAT exam would help students tackle this section more or less. Last year, the cut off for XLRI for this section was around 92%ile for BM students and slightly lesser for HR.

Students may also find questions with varying marks, i.e. some questions may have higher marks and some may have lower and it make sense on part of students to be aware of this problem before attempting the paper.

2. Ethical and Decision Making Questions of XAT

Tackling this section is one of the most trickiest things for students. This is evident by the fact that even though different coaching institute provide solution keys for this section, they seldom match. The issue is the subjectivity involved in tackling these questions. For starters, students should never choose an answer that is even remotely unethical.

Read the problems very very carefully and get to know what the exact problem is. The book – 101 ethical dilemmas is also a great book to refer to for practice on this topic. Try to work backwards by eliminating the redundant options and normally you will be left with just two options in the end. These strategies would go a long way in helping you tackle the problem of preparing for this section. In the end, the decision making section of XAT is more about common sense than anything else.


3. Verbal Ability

This used to be a very very tough section earlier, but even this section has gone down a notch with regards to the difficulty level. This section is balanced and CAT exam serves as a good guide on what to expect in this section.

Tips for the final Day

  1. Do not go with a pre-determined plan for XAT. The exam never fails to surprise students. It has done that every time in the past and there is no reason why it won’t do that in the near future.
  2. The essay is important in XAT. Read about it over here. 
  3. Manage your time intelligently. Remember that you need to do well in all the three sections.
  4. Do the easy questions first, then move on towards those which are harder for you. Do not get stuck on one question – EVER !! This advice has been given so many times but still students make the same mistakes.
  5. Rest well before the final day.

XAT is one of the best exam papers for MBA in India. If you really enjoy giving exams, you would love the paper for the way it is presented to students. It gets the best out of students and is the gateway to one of the best colleges in India – XLRI among others. Prepare well and all the the best for the exam.

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